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For over 70 years the New Zealand sheep farmer has worked to produce timeless authentic natural products using only the best quality wool and sheepskin. New Zealand as a country is known worldwide for its expertise in sheep farming and wool production and is blessed with some of the purest water and air on earth, ensuring the clean green fields yield only the finest raw materials. Now these Ugg Boots are available to those seeking natural materials and classical styling from a brand known for its high quality environmental friendly products. Our Ugg Boots are made with the finest Australasian (New Zealand or Australia) Sheepskin, and assembled in China. Licencing requirements only allow us to send these Ugg Boots to NZ or Australia. International Shoe Size Chart (kids Ugg Boots Here)

Shoe Size Chart and Frequently asked questions at bottom of page

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Ugg boots have been a tremendously popular fashion choice since the brand was first introduced in the 1960s. They were still being manufactured as early as the 1930s but were just called sheepskin boots. They are made from sheeps wool on the inside and sheeps skin on the outside. With the help of the stain and water repellent they can be incredibly hard wearing and last for many years. All of our Ugg boots come with a proper strong outdoor sole.

Frequently asked questions

What size should I purchase?
There are two ways to do this

Firstly - What is your normal shoe size in NZ or European sizing

We recommend you purchase 1 size larger than your normal shoe size. All Ugg Boots are in NZ Ladies Sizes.
Example: If you are a size 8, we would recommend a size 9 Ugg Boot.
Example: If you are a size 8.5, we would recommend a size 10 Ugg Boot.

Still not sure?

Secondly - The easiest and most accurate way is to accurately measure foot.

You want to measure from the back edge of your heel to the tip of your longest toe.
(To do this accurately place a ruler sticking out from a wall and stand next to it with your heel against the wall, then
take the measurement to your longest toe)

Note: Normally sheepskin footwear is a bit tight fitting when new, and they will mold to the shape of your feet and loosen a little after some wear.

For further sizing information see Size Chart Below

Can I return or exchange the boots if they are the wrong size?
Yes. As per our returns policy, you may within 14 days of receiving your boots,
return your boots for a refund of your purchase price less original shipping, or exchange your boots for another size.

To exchange your boots you are responsible for sending them back to our store and
there will also be an extra freight charge of $10 North Island and $15 South Island,
for the new boots to be sent to you. A purchase freight link will be emailed to you.

In both instances you must contact us first and your boots must
Be in undamaged and original condition, have not been worn except for trying them on,
have the original purchase receipt, and all original labels still attached.

If I live overseas can I purchase NZ Ugg Boots?
Due to licencing requirements these boots can only be shipped within New Zealand and Australia.
Getting a family member to post them overseas for you is not recommended.

If I am visiting NZ and would like to purchase a pair of boots, can I take them with me to another country?
Yes if they are delivered to a New Zealand address and you take them with you in your luggage or wear them.
You can not post them.

Are these genuine Ugg Boots?
Yes, these Ugg Boots are supplied by a NZ company that is licensed to use the Ugg Boot name and logo for New Zealand.
These boots are made from quality NZ and Australasian Sheepskin, but are assembled overseas.
This allows an affordable price point for the consumer.

International Shoe Size Chart

CM's 24cm 25cm 25.5cm 26cm 26.5cm 27cm 28cm 29cm
European 37 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 41 42
NZ & Australia & USA 6 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 10 11




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