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New Zealand Paua ShellShare on FacebookTweetSend email

What is Paua? Paua (pronounced pawa) is a unique species of abalone that is only found in the waters around New Zealand. It is found clinging to rocks underwater around the coastline. There is no wastage from Paua every bit of Paua can be and is used. If you go to a fish and chip shop in New Zealand you will find on almost every menu a Paua Fritter which uses the fleshy seafood found inside the shell, a must to try if you visit New Zealand. When paua is harvested from the ocean it is covered heavily in marine barnacles etc, this is carefully polished down to reveal a beautiful iridescent shell which is usually broken up to make Jewellery, coasters or sold as paua pieces for craft or to make your own Jewellery, inlaid into picture frames and much more.

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New Zealand Paua Shell
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