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This page is for soft toys kiwis only!
Kiwi are unique nocturnal flightless birds found only in New Zealand. Kiwi is also the nickname of the people who live in New Zealand. The birds have a long beak with nostrils at the end specifically designed for finding their food on the forest floor. There are six species of Kiwi, but today they are considered an endangered species and are protected. The Natures Kiwi has been with us for many years now and has always been a very popular choice. Only the large size of the Natures Kiwi comes with the genuine Kiwi sound. He is the most popular of all our soft toy kiwis. He is very animated in appearance and gives great cuddles to those that need it. All of the below Kiwis have proven to be very popular over the years and will make the perfect gift or reminder of New Zealand or a visit here to all ages. Great New Zealand Souvenirs & Gifts.

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