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Great New Zealand Maori Carvings

These Maori Carvings are of the Teko Teko, which was any three dimensional form of the full figure of a Maori Warrior. It was often used at the apex of a building where it was seen to embody the spirit of the building. They were traditionally carved in a defiant stance with paua shell eyes and a outstretched tongue, holding a Patu or Taiaha (traditional Maori weapons), to ward off any intruders. Teko Tekos were also used outside of a doorway or entranceway to ward off the unwanted spirits and prevent them from entering the house or room. You will notice the size of the Teko Tekos height, and weight is just below the price of each one. Further information on Maori Carvings. Great New Zealand Souvenirs & Gifts.

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Maori Carvings
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