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Ponga is the Maori name for the native New Zealand tree fern. It was once a valuable source of food, building materials and weapons. The silver fern is well known as a national symbol, there are ten species of tree fern in New Zealand, and eight of these are specific to this country.The largest is the Mamaku Ponga which grows to twenty metres. This native New Zealand tree fern product is hand made by Fernwood New Zealand. The spectacular pattern is completely natural. Each circular pattern shows where a fern frond grew on the tree. Once the outer fiberous bark is removed the pieces are shaped and dried to make them suitable for export. The kiln drying process used to cure the wood intensifies the natural colours and enhances the texture. All Ponga vases shown come with a plastic insert to help contain the water and flowers. This product has been heat treated for overseas export and is therefore customs friendly throughout the world. Great New Zealand Souvenirs & Gifts.

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New Zealand Ponga
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