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New Zealand Greenstone is found on the west coast of New Zealand.

It is a hard and beautiful rock and it is ranked as semi precious. It is carefully carved into pendants of traditional Maori designs. Maori often adorned New Zealand Greenstone pendants to signify an array of meanings from good luck, health, happiness, Status and Mana (pride).

A New Zealand Greenstone pendant is a fantastic and very meaningful gift. The Maori name for greenstone is Pounamu, it is also commonly known as Jade or Nephrite. New Zealand greenstone largely comes from the west coast of the South Island. Some of it is Maori owned land and some of it is Crown owned land BUT special permissions and licences must be obtained before the removal of any Greenstone commences. Sometimes even Gold miners in the right area strike Greenstone instead of gold.

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New Zealand Greenstone
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