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These Maori Dolls of New Zealand are dressed like the traditional Maori costume. The dressing of the Maori was an a time consuming craft, Different tribes had their unique costume designs that also signified rank and status within a tribe. Headbands and Bodices were created and designed according to the recipient. The famous Piu Piu, skirts were made of flax, and scraped to form a pattern, after that they were dyed in mud pools. The beautiful cloaks that were worn were made of material suited to the climate the differing ranks within a tribe. Often personal greenstone necklaces or bone pendants were common. Great New Zealand Souvenirs & Gifts.

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Many people love collectable Maori dolls, which makes these Collectable Maori dolls a very special New Zealand gift.


Collectable Maori Dolls of New Zealand
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