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Since biblical times mothers have wrapped their babies in wool to keep them warm and dry. Today, using lambskin as bedding is a modern application of this age-old wisdom. These baby rugs or Infant Care Rugs are tan skins specially chosen for their wool and leather quality within the strict criteria of their ISO 9001 Quality systems. Our Infant Care Rugs are sanitized which acts as a built-in deodorant and mildew barrier. It prevents the development of the germs that cause odor and material breakdown, thus making the rug hygienic, durable, fresher and giving a guarantee of lasting protection to baby. Great New Zealand Souvenirs & Gifts.

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The lamb, after all, needs a coat that will keep him warm in winter and cool in the summer, that will resist wet and dirt, and that will be thick and luxurious without being too heavy. All of these wonderful properties that protect the lamb can give the same comfort to your baby.

Tests have proven that surfaces with which a baby comes in contact with are very important for their physical, functional and behavioral development. Lambskins cover this criteria. Babies easily settle into the warmth and comfort of the lambskin and stay content. They cry less and sleep more. A study in England has proven the pre-term and low birth weight babies grew faster, rested less fretfully and lost less body heat when on a lambskin rug.


Hereunder, please find listed processes that our infant care undergo in order to pass the wools of New Zealand specifications for this product. New Zealand is the world leader in the production of infant care, having introduced the product to the market and laid down the criteria for the standards to be adhered to. Others follow!

Classic Infant Care Rugs are specifically hygienically tanned for baby use. This includes double tanning to allow for greater durability and washability using internationally approved chemicals. All Classic Baby Rugs are fully machine washable. No organic materials ie Guano, are used in the tannage of Classic Infant Care Baby Rugs. Classic skins are degreased to remove residual fats and grease content to wools of New Zealand specifications.

No carcinogenic dyes are used in Classic Infant Care Baby Rugs, and all material is dye fast. Classic Infant Care Baby Rugs are sanitized as additional protection against mildew and micro-organisms. No formaldehyde is used in the ironing process for Classic Infant Care Baby Rugs.

Skins used in the production of Classic Infant Care Baby Rugs are drawn from New Zealand which has no record of anthrax, whereas this disease is no uncommon in South America.

Classic Sheepskins is ISO 9001 registered and each Classic Infant Baby Care Rug carries the ISO stamp of approval. This guarantees the product has undergone systems which conform to the very high standards of ISO. New Zealand produced Infant Care Baby Rugs are internationally recognized and renowned for their reliability due to these vigorously policed rigid standards.


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